‘Baywatch’ theme tune singer Jimi Jamison dies, aged 63

Jamison fronted ’80s rock bands Survivor and Cobra

Jimi Jamison, the voice behind Baywatch theme tune ‘I’m Always Here’, has died, aged 63.

Jamison rose to fame as the lead singer of ’80s rock bands Cobra and Survivor, contributing vocals to songs on a number of film soundtracks including ‘Is This Love’ and ‘Burning Heart’ from Rocky IV and ‘The Moment Of Truth’ from The Karate Kid.

Jamison sang with Cobra until their demise in 1984, before joining Survivor from 1984-1989, but gained his biggest hit with solo track ‘I’m Always Here’ – which he co-wrote and sung.


According to BBC News, Jamison passed away after suffering a heart attack on August 31. The singer was aged 63 and had previously rejoined Survivor in 2000, who he continued to tour with through the release of their most recent album ‘Reach’ in 2006.

Baywatch, starring Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff, was first broadcast in 1989 with a different theme song but shortly changed to ‘I’m Always Here’ in 1991. Jamison’s track was used as the show’s primary theme music until the show relaunched as Baywatch Hawaii in 1999.