YG tells a therapist about the night he was shot – watch

The US rapper gets personal

One year after he got shot, YG opens up about the incident in a forthcoming Viceland documentary, set for release on June 17.

The Compton artist – real name Keenon Dauquan Ray Jackson – was in a studio in California when he was shot three times in the hip, in the early hours of June 12 2015.

In a clip of the documentary, YG and the Therapist, published yesterday by Noisey, YG explains that he’d been getting progressively more and more paranoid after the shooting, “saying some wild shit”, and that his “people” had advised him to go and talk to somebody.

“You wanna know how it happened?” YG asks in the snippet of the documentary. “Whatever you wanna share,” replies the therapist.

YG recounts the ordeal, seeing a “black truck at the gates”, a “homie [pulling] two pistols” and a collision en route to the hospital.

Watch the clip from YG and the Therapist below:

In April of this year Police shut down a music video shoot of YG and Nipsey Hussle’s while they were filming a Donald Trump protest song.

The Californian rappers were filming the video for ‘FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)’ in West Hollywood on April 3. Roughly 100 people had shown up for the shoot, after YG invited fans to join him on set via Instagram, before police intervened.

Officers arrived in riot gear and were armed with tasers, pistols and shotguns, according to reports from people in attendance. The LAPD later told TMZ that they were not aware that the crowd was part of a music video shoot.