Person behind Manchester venue Night & Day sound complaints receives death threats

Anonymous complainant claims they do not want to see venue shut down

The person who filed a noise complaint against Manchester’s Night & Day Café has spoken out about his desire to see the venue stay open and revealed he has received death threats following the complaint.

As reported, the live music venue was issued with the noise complaint earlier this month. Johnny Marr, Frank Turner and Tim Burgess of The Charlatans have all urged fans to sign a petition designed to convince Manchester council to remove the Statutory Nuisance Abatement Notice, which owners claim could lead to its closure.

Speaking anonymously to NME, the person behind the complaint claims that they do not want to see the venue close but that living in their flat has become untenable due to the noise. They said: “We knew we were moving near a local club Night & Day and we knew there’d be music. We were expecting some noise but the noise level up until October, you couldn’t hear anything, not a pin drop. But from October to now, you can hear the bass, the drums, people singing so loud you can hear the words and people clapping.”

The complainant says that neighbours have had similar problems but are reluctant to formally complain. They revealed: “Last week Night & Day invited me up to the office and basically said there were two offers on the table from them – one was to pay my rent for a year because we have a year’s tenancy, then we would go after a year and drop our complaint and have the council remove the notice. The second one was one they asked us and we said yes, which was drop our complaint, make no more complaints, and Night & Day would pay us off and we would move out in three months. But they thought the notice would be dropped by the council, and the council chirped up and said no they can’t drop the notice. So the abatment notice would stay.”

Night & Day owners recently revealed they were in talks with the council and “several acoustic engineers” over adding additional sound proofing to the venue.

The complainant says: “I understand that Night & Day is a legendary bar but it’s not under threat of closure, and Night & Day have betrayed that from day one. It’s not under threat. In my eyes, [the owner] needs to turn it down and work with the council and set a limiter. He says he’s doing soundproofing, but as the council have made him fully aware and we’ve made him fully aware, what if it doesn’t work? What if the soundproofing doesn’t work, where do you end up then?”

With support from a host of influential musical figures, the complainant is aware they do not have popular support. However, threats of violence have left them shocked. “There was a death threat on Night & Day’s Facebook page and we were advised by the council to get the police out. That death threat didn’t mention our names but the police knew it was targeted to us in the sense that we were the complainants. It basically asked Night & Day to send them our details and they’d hunt us down and kill us. I think what’s concerned us more than anything else is the owner said he’s had people come into the bar and actually say, ‘Give us his address and we will go and get him and go to prison for you’. We only live next door and I understand they’re not giving our address out, but what happens it we don’t win, are Night & Day going to release our personal details? That’s what’s concerning us.

“I’m off work ill and the council are doing bugger all to help us out basically. They’re not helping us as complainants, in our eyes. Nobody is understanding our frustration.”