Presidential debate viral star Ken Bone was in a Christian rock band

And Snoop Dogg wants to smoke with him

Ken Bone, the US Presidential debate audience member who went viral online, used to be in a Christian rock band, it has emerged.

The second Presidential debate took place on Sunday, with Bone asking Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump about their energy policies. The undecided voter became a hit online, mostly due to his love of red sweaters.

Now a former bandmate of Bone, Joshua Burkett, has told Mashable that the pair were in a band that played “Christian pop covers from the 90s and 00s”.


Burkett described Bone as a “pretty good drummer” who “had all the chicks.” On Facebook, he added, “My ultimate claim to fame in life will be that I was once in a band with the legend Ken Bone and that we spent two summers cruising around our hometown picking up chicks — me failing and him succeeding.”

Asked if Bone wore a red sweater during gigs, Burkett said: “No, but he could rock a Crocodile Dundee hat like no other.”


Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg has also reached out to Bone, offering an invitation for the pair to smoke together. “Nice sweater @kenbone18. U should get it in blue. Come to the crib and smoke 1 wit Tha Dogg,” the rapper tweeted.


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