Bath Moles will be closed until at least August following fire

The long-running venue has been shut since a fire on Saturday (March 8)

Bath Moles will remain closed until August, the club/venue’s operations and promotions manager Liam Baker has confirmed to NME.

As the club owners understand, the fire on Saturday (March 8) was caused by an electrical fault at the main point of supply. It caused a blaze on the ground floor of the club, above the main basement venue. The building is currently without power and showing the effects of fire, smoke and water damage.

Baker explains: “The fire damage is fairly contained because it only affected a small area of the club, which is the upstairs bar. The worst thing is smoke damage: smoke went throughout the building, into the studio and office too, and caused a lot of damage. And when the fire brigade were working to put out the fire, water filled the basement venue, which is where the bands play, so it’s now completely flooded.”

Baker says the club will be closed “until at least August”. Those with tickets for forthcoming events at Moles can seek refunds from ticket agents Musicglue. The club’s telephone is out of operation, but public enquiries can be made via the contact email address on its website.

The Moles team are determined to save the club, and are seeking to stage pop up events elsewhere in Bath while necessary repairs are carried out. “We’ll be aiming to keep the essence and vibe of Moles alive around Bath,” says Baker, who has already made enquiries about moving student favourite club nights to other venues. “We’ve been around for 35 years and we’re going to do anything we can to survive this setback. We’re determined to stay open.”

A frequent nominee in NME’s annual search for Britain’s Best Small Venues, Bath Moles has been host to gigs from acts including Oasis, Radiohead, Manic Street Preachers, The Smiths, The Cure and many more. King Crimson recorded the album ‘Live At Moles Club, Bath’ at the venue in 1981.