Future being sued for over $10 million over alleged breach of contract

The 'Jumpman' rapper is in legal hot water with fellow rapper Rocko

Future is being sued over an alleged breach of contract.

The Atlanta rapper is being sued by his fellow Georgia artist Rocko, who owns Future’s former label A1 Recordings. Rocko’s dispute arises from the fact that he claims that Future’s 2011 contract with A1 was binding for the release of six albums.

However, as TMZ reports, Rocko now alleges that Future’s joint deal with Epic Records violates that contract, as the original Epic deal was purely for distribution purposes. Future then negotiated a new deal with Epic for multi-million record advances that essentially cut A1 out of any of the profits.

Rocko claims that the 32-year-old owes him 25% of his Epic advances, as well as 20% of any money made from touring and endorsements by Future. That figure comes in at over $10 million, which Rocko is seeking in the lawsuit.

Last night, Future seemed to refer to the lawsuit in a set of tweets which suggest that the lawsuit is very much in progress.