10 charged over deaths at Germany’s Love Parade festival

21 people were crushed to death at the 2010 event in the city of Duisburg

Ten people have been charged over the 21 deaths which happened at Germany’s Love Parade festival in 2010.

More than 500 people were injured at the techno event in the city of Duisburg in a stampede at an entrance tunnel connecting an old railway station to the parade ground, with 21 fatalities.

BBC News reports that four people who worked for the event’s organiser as well as six members of the Duisburg administration have been charged, accused of negligent manslaughter and causing bodily harm.

Speaking at press conference, chief prosecutor Horst Bien said: “An event where people wanted to party, dance and have fun, turned into a terrible tragedy. 21 people had to die, hundreds were injured… The victims, their relatives and the bereaved are still suffering today because of the traumatic events.”

Police, who claimed organisers ignored their advice about moving the event, said the 2010 festival attracted about 1.4 million people. After the 2010 event the festival was permanently cancelled. It had been running since 1989.