Macklemore provokes controversy after dressing as a ‘Jewish stereotype’

The rapper appeared at the opening of a exhibition about music videos in Seattle

Macklemore has been accused of anti-semitisim after dressing as a ‘Jewish stereotype’ during a surprise appearance last week (May 16) in Seattle.

The rapper appeared alongside Ryan Lewis at the launch of a new exhibition called ‘Spectacle: The Music Video’ at the EMP Museum, which contains the coat worn in the ‘Thrift Store’ video, for a surprise gig wearing a prosthetic nose, and fake beard and wig, in an outfit which you can see above.

His choice of outfit to perform ‘Thrift Store’ during the 15-minute concert drew criticism from a number of sources, including actor and comedian Seth Rogen, who tweeted:

Macklemore went on the deny that his outfit choice was a ‘stereotype’, calling it simply a ‘random costume’. He wrote on Twitter:

Last night Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won the award for Top Rap Song at the Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas for the Ray Dalton featuring song ‘Can’t Hold Us’.