Pixie Geldof shares two songs from upcoming solo album

Listen to 'So Strong' and 'Escape Route'

Pixie Geldof has shared two new songs from her forthcoming solo album ‘I’m Yours,’ set to be released on September 16. The songs titled ‘So Strong’ and ‘Escape Route’ are acting as a double A-side single, which will be available to buy on June 17.

Speaking in a statement, Geldof explained: “I’m Yours represents every single human I’ve ever loved in my life. Songs of love in every form, platonically, family, in romance. I’m a part of these people’s lives and I’m theirs in any capacity they need me.”

Geldof worked with Grammy-nominated producer Tony Hoffer on ‘I’m Yours’. He has previously worked with M83, School Of Seven Bells, Suede and Ok Go.


Geldof was previously the front woman of Violet, who’s music she has previously described as “dark and aggressive”.

Speaking of their first single ‘YOU’, Geldof said: “The music is angry and dark and aggressive but it’s still a love song; there’s still a soft sentiment to it, the lyrics are fragile. I like that juxtaposition in music but I’ve kind of reversed it in my work. I wanted the music to be soft but the lyrics to be darker and heavier.”

The 25-year-old’s father, Bob Geldof, criticised millennials during a conference at the end of last year. Speaking at the One Young World Conference in Bangkok, Thailand on November 18, Geldof talked about millennials role in the future, focusing heavily on atrocities he argues were committed by members of the age group.

You can listen to Pixie Geldof’s ‘So Strong’ and ‘Escape Route’ below.