Ryan Jarman and Jen Turner share lingering onstage kiss at Exclamation Pony’s London debut

The Cribs man's new band also showcased a host of songs from their forthcoming record

Exclamation Pony, the band formed by Ryan Jarman of The Cribs and Jen Turner of Here We Go Magic, played their first London gig last night [February 19], debuting a host of new songs amongst a plethora of covers and seemingly improvised tracks.

Taking to the stage approximately half an hour after their billed time of 9:30pm, the four-piece band performed an hour-long set taking in a collection of their new material as well as rare Cribs B-Sides and covers.

Entering to a thrashy, screamo number, they continued onto download-only single, ‘Rumours’, before Jarman addressed the crowd in clearly high spirits. “We’re not dealing with a bunch of Hoxton squares,” the singer joked, referring to the Hoxton Square location of the venue, the Bar & Kitchen. “I like you. You like me right? We’re Exclamation Pony and we’re your new favourite band.”

The band continued through a host of new songs including recent online post ‘Brautigan’ – a melodic, slow-burner complete with discernible keyboard parts and large-scale chorus – before disintegrating into a more shambolic portion of the set. Continuing with Cribs B-side ‘Don’t Believe In Me’, the band then launched into another Cribs track – ‘Glandular Fever Got The Best Of Me’, led by Turner.

Jarman then attempted to get some of the crowd to propose to each other, following an onstage proposal at the band’s gig in Leeds last night, before breaking into a rendition of The Beatles’ “Julia’. Exclamation Pony then played the disco-influenced ‘Real Male’, which climaxed in Jarman splitting his oft-troubled lip-wound and being mounted by Turner on the floor. The band finished with a second rendition of previous online single ‘Rumours’. After their bandmates had exited, Jarman and Turner – wearing a furry Russian hat – remained on stage and shared a very long, lingering kiss.

Jarman will play an NME Awards show with The Cribs at Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Friday (February 22), before being presented with the Outstanding Contribution Award at the 2013 NME Awards on February 27.

Exclamation Pony played:

‘3 Hour Onslaught’
‘Only One’
‘Pop Song’
‘Don’t Believe In Me’
‘Glandular Fever Got The Best Of Me’
‘Real Male’