iPhone 7 ‘won’t have a headphone slot’ as new connector goes on sale

Apple rumoured to include new lightning-ready headphones in September launch.

A new connector for transmitting sound from smartphones to headphones has appeared amidst rumours that Apple is ditching headphone slots from the iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 is being launched in September. It’s strongly rumoured that the new phone won’t include the phone’s traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, in a bid to make the phone slimmer.

Instead, numerous technology sites say that Apple will encourage owners to listen to music via Bluetooth or wireless headphones. It’s also reported that the latest generation of Apple’s own headphones given away with the iPhone will be lightning-ready, meaning they can be plugged straight into the phone’s charging socket.


In addition, a new Chinese lightning-to-headphone adaptor has just gone on sale. The adaptors feature a headphone socket and Apple-style mini-USB lightning plug, as well as a volume control.

The new adaptors aren’t being advertised as “iPhone ready”, but no such products are likely to be announced ahead of the iPhone 7 launch in September.

The lack of a headphone socket is one of the few solid rumours surrounding the iPhone 7, other than the introduction of a version with a larger 256GB memory. It’s been claimed that Apple is holding back several innovations ahead of a major reboot of the iPhone for its tenth anniversary in 2017.