Parrots have an ‘intense dislike’ of dance music, says new study

The birds preferred the likes of UB40 and Joan Baez

A new study has found that parrots have an ‘intense dislike’ of dance music.

In findings published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science – via The Telegraph – researchers found that a pair of African grey parrots had wide ranging tastes in music, but both hated dance music.

The birds, from a popular breed of pet parrot, both bobbed their heads along to rock and folk, but were left distressed by electronic dance music.

Dr Franck Péron of the University of Lincoln, said: “The birds clearly showed preferences. One preferred the rhythmic and one preferred the classical.”

Music in the rhythmic category included U2, UB40 and Joan Baez whilst Bach was one of the classical artists played to the birds.

He said that the birds were not keen on the music by The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers.

He explained: “The electronic dance music was not appropriate for them. We had the radio on in the office and when it was a very fast beat, they started to scream; not in a friendly, communicative way but in a distressed, scared way. They seem to like pop music when there is a voice.”