DJ attempts to remix every UK Number One single ever – listen

Remixes include David Bowie, John Lennon and Gangnam Style

A DJ has taken it upon himself to remix every song that reached number one on the Official UK Singles Chart since the rundown was created sixty years ago.

DJ Shitmat, who has released his own original music on record label Planet Mu in the past, has adopted the name Mash Hits for the project, which has seen him take over 1,200 tracks to create a a series of mixes using different tracks from the last sixty years.

Tracks created so far include a remix of John Lennon’s ‘(Just Like) Starting Over’ as well as a unique mix of some of the many Davids to reach the top of the charts such as David Bowie, David Essex and Fame Academy winner David Sneddon.

Writing on Soundcloud about the project, DJ Shitmat wrote: “For the past 10 months I have been reworking and re-imagining every UK number one single since the charts began in 1952. Using solely the 1200+ songs with no other samples I have created a huge portfolio of plunderphonic works, varying dramatically from the the absurd to the sublime, from hilarious to profound, recycling the songs that defined the generations with infinite imagination.”

He added: “The project is evolving and exciting as new works are uploaded daily online for the world to hear and download. One day you may hear Bucks Fizz turned into ambient mood music, the next 100 number ones are chopped up into fragments and made into a frenzied sound collage and by Friday it’s Rage Against The Machine vs The Proclaimers vs Vengaboys.”

Writing about the David mash-up, which you can hear below, Shitmat wrote: “This is not a track. It is a answer, a sound and a solution to a problem. I had a bad case of David over-population in my ‘Every UK Number One single ever’ folder. Nine tracks to be accurate. Firstly I made a pie chart to know what i was dealing with. As you’ll see David Cassidy is the biggest issue with three number one songs to deal with, Bowie and Soul have two each and Sneddon and Essex just one. But what to do with them all?”

The project also seeks to span the full range of the Official Charts, mixing current chart hits with number ones from the 1950’s, such as Winifred Atwell – ‘Poor People Of Paris’. Below you can hear Psy’s 2012 hit ‘Gangnam Style’ combined with Atwell’s 1956 chart-topper, which saw her become the first black person to reach number one.

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