Sia says her new song ‘Chandelier’ could have gone to Beyoncé or Rihanna

The first track from singer-songwriter's sixth album was revealed yesterday

Sia has claimed that she could have given new song ‘Chandelier’ to Beyonce or Rihanna but chose to keep it for herself.

The former Zero 7 singer has enjoyed huge success in recent years as a songwriter for hire, penning hits for Beyoncé and Rihanna as well as Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Eminem. Most recently she contributed a number of songs to Kylie Minogue’s new album ‘Kiss Me Once.’

However, ‘Chandelier’ is the first track to be heard from Sia’s forthcoming solo album, her first since ‘We Are Born’ in 2010. Speaking to On Air host Ryan Seacrest about the song yesterday (March 17), Sia admitted the song was written “by accident”.

“I usually think, ‘Oh this would work for Rihanna, or this would be a good one for Bey or Katy,'” Sia said. “But this time I was like, ‘Uh oh I think I just wrote a full-blown pop song for myself by accident!’ My friend Jesse Shatkin and I were jamming in the studio – I was playing piano and him on the marimba – and this gem popped out.”

Sia’s sixth solo album is expected later this year. She has also contributed vocals to songs such as David Guetta’s ‘Titanium’ and ‘Wild Ones’ by Flo Rida.