Thousands of Brits list their religion as ‘heavy metal’ in new census report

6,242 people affiliated with the genre of music in the 2011 UK census

Thousands of Brits listed their religion as ‘heavy metal’ in the most recent UK census.

6,242 people named the genre of music when asked for their religion in the 2011 census, the data for which was released earlier this week.

More people listed ‘heavy metal’ than those who identified as Satanists, with only 1,893 people pledging their allegiance to the devil, reports the Guardian.


In the last census in 2001, a nationwide campaign encouraged people to list Jedi as their religion, and around 330,000 did. However, the new figures, released yesterday (December 11), saw only 176,632 people identifying as Jedi Knights.

14 million people said they had no religion.

Last year, a study found that young people who are at risk of depression are more likely to listen to heavy metal music.

According to University of Melbourne researcher Dr Katrina McFerran, young people who gravitate toward heavy metal music repetitively are more likely to end up depressed.

McFerran has said she has conducted in-depth interviews with 50 young people aged between 13 and 18, along with a national survey of 1000 young people and said that those who listen to heavy metal generally do so “in a negative way”.