Hastings residents protest against Chesney Hawkes Christmas appearance

'One and Only' star revealed as mystery guest at Christmas opening to annoyance of public

Residents of Hastings, East Sussex, have reacted angrily to the news that Chesney Hawkes will be opening the town’s Christmas market.

Authorities had teased the people of Hastings with a “mystery celebrity” who was due to appear in the town to open the festive attraction. Many had suspected that local celebrities such as Suggs from Madness or Erasure’s Andy Bell may have made an appearance but were do disappointed on discovering that it was, in fact, Hawkes who was on ribbon cutting duty for the event that they launched a ‘Go Away Chesney’ protest.

Local anti-Hawkes campaigner Simon Mills claims that the singer is not famous enough and that he does not even live in Hastings. Hawkes, incidentally, lives in Chertsey, Surrey. “Hastings has a long line of celebrities, including Suggs and Andy Bell, so why in the world would Chesney Hawkes be chosen to open the market? He wasn’t born here and doesn’t live here,” Mills told The Mirror.

Despite this, council officials remain optimistic. Roger Crouch, who was in charge of the guest booking, told the paper: “This is great for Hastings, as we are trying to create a truly magical Christmas.”

Hawkes is due to appear at the Priory Meadow on December 6.