Spiritualized, Beach House, Youth Lagoon record songs with space sounds

A host of artists have incorporated sounds recorded on space probes for a special Record Store Day release

A host of artists including Spiritualized, Beach House and Youth Lagoon have recorded songs incorporating sounds recorded in space for a compilation album.

The ‘Space Project’ album features 14 tracks and will be released on April 19 for Record Store day. As part of the project, artists were invited to use sounds recorded during the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 space probes, Pitchfork reports.

According to a press statement: “The ‘sounds’ recorded by the Voyager probes aren’t sounds in the conventional sense; rather, they are electromagnetic radiation fluctuations in the magnetosphere of the planets, moons, and large asteroids the Voyager probes traveled near. Each celestial body is composed of different elements, has its own size and mass, and therefore sounds unique.” There are seven pairs of songs about different celestial bodies.


Spiritualized appear under the name The Spiritualized Mississippi Space Program alongside Mutual Benefit, the Antlers, Blues Control, Benoit & Sergio, Porcelain Raft, and others.

The album will be available on vinyl, CD, and as a 7″ box set.

‘Space Project’ tracklisting:

A: Porcelain Raft, ‘Giove’
B: The Antlers, ‘Jupiter’

A: Mutual Benefit, ‘Terraform’
B: Anna Meredith, ‘Miranda’

A: The Spiritualized Mississippi Space Program, ‘Always Together With You (The Bridge Song)’

B: The Holydrug Couple, ‘Amphitrites Lost’


A: Youth Lagoon, ‘Worms’
B: Blues Control, ‘Blues Danube’

A: Beach House, ‘Saturn Song’
B: Zomes, ‘Moonlet’

A: Absolutely Free, ‘EARTH I’

B: Jesu, ‘Song of Earth’

A: Benoit & Sergio, ‘Long Neglected Words’
B: Larry Gus, ‘Sphere of Io (For Georg Cantor)’