Nas dedicates ‘Bye Baby’ to ex wife Kelis at intimate London show

Rapper says London is the 'greatest place in the world' because of the Olympics

Nas dedicated a track to his ex-wife Kelis at his intimate London club show at the weekend.

Storming onto the stage to tell the audience that “real rap is back”, he launched into ‘NY State of Mind’ from his debut LP, 1994’s ‘Illmatic’. He then praised London for its successful hosting of the Olympic Games.

“During the Olympics, London is the greatest fucking place in the world,” he said, before adding: “My career started out in small clubs like this one”. He was playing the intimate venue as part of the Converse Represent @ 100 Club series.

He then moved onto the tricky subject of his ex-wife Kelis. “This is dedicated to my ex-wife,” he said, before playing ‘Bye Baby’ from this year’s ‘Life Is Good’, in which he poses on the cover with her green wedding dress.

“Calling out to all the ladies of London,” he said afterwards. “You know I’m marriage material, right? But I ain’t doing that shit anymore. I’m done with marriage”. Nas and Kelis married in 2005. They divorced in 2009 shortly after the birth of their son Knight Jones.

Other headliners at this year’s Converse Represent @ 100 Club included Blur, Plan B, Paul Weller, Santigold and SBTRKT.