Chief Keef arrested outside Chicago court moments after pleading guilty to speeding

The rapper was also handed a paternity suit on the same day (June 17)

Rapper Chief Keef was arrested for trespass just moments after leaving court in Chicago having pleased guilty to a speeding charge yesterday (June 17).

The 17 year-old rapper, who appears on Kanye West’s new album ‘Yeezus’, was leaving the court after being handed a fine and 60 hours community service for driving at 110mph in a 55mph zone in his BMW earlier this year. As he was leaving court, he was picked up by police on a trespassing charge dating back to May. To make matters worse, Keef was also served with a paternity suit by a woman claiming he fathered her daughter on the same day. This is the second paternity suit the teenage rapper has received in the last year.

The Boston Journal reports that police arrested Chief Keef a few blocks from the courthouse on the misdemeanor charge, following a complaint made by a security guard from a local housing complex, and took him into custody. “His management believes he’s being harassed by the police,” said Leah Starkman, Chief Keef’s attorney. “I know that he’s on the police radar, but I don’t know if it’s harassment.”

“You think you’re invincible, and you’re certainly not,” Cook County Circuit Court Judge Earl Hoffenberg reportedly told the rapper following his guilty plea on the speeding charge. “Violate (conditions of the plea agreement) and you’ll find out you’re not…I sure hope I don’t see you again, because if I do, you better be ready to go to jail.”

Chief Keef confirmed his appearance on Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ prior to the album’s release but claimed he could not remember the name of the song he appears on. It is, in fact, ‘Hold My Liquor’.