Metropolitan Police to pay for losses in 2011 PIAS warehouse fire

The independent music warehouse was destroyed two years ago causing £60 million worth of damage

London’s Metropolitan Police are set to pay for losses incurred in the PIAS independent music warehouse fire of 2011.

The high court has ruled in favour of the insurance companies, who said that the police should pay for the damages as the fire – which took place during the London riots of two summers ago – should be covered under the Riot Damages Act.

Though the policing and crime office run by the Mayor of London previously stated that the fire was not a direct result of the riots, but rather a “planned criminal enterprise”, Judge Julian Flaux has now said that the Riots Damages Act can apply, as the “25 youths” who committed the crime behaved “riotously” as well as in an “excited, volatile manner”, reports CMU. Sony’s insurers have now won up to £60 million in damages.

The PIAS warehouse fire took place on August 8, 2011. The warehouse was full of stock from a large number of independent labels including XL, Domino and Sunday Best. More than 3.25 million CDs, vinyl and box sets were destroyed in the fire. Since the fire took place the company’s insurers and London police have been debating who should pay for the multi-million pound damage.