Bristol man given ban for driving ‘under the influence of drum and bass’

Aaron Cogley banned from driving for one year

A man in Bristol has been banned from driving for a year after being caught behind the wheel while “under the influence of drum and bass”.

The unusual offence was reported by officers in Bristol who pulled professional driver Aaron Cogley over believing he had been drinking or was on drugs. However, they found he was completely sober but that he was in fact intoxicated by the music he was listening to and in turn was driving his van dangerously. Cogley was charged with dangerous driving after skipping two red lights in the city centre.

Appearing in court earlier this week, the prosecution revealed that Cogley pulled around a corner so quickly that the whole vehicle rocked on its chassis and alerted police to his presence on the road. A breathalyser was used but blew a zero reading. The Bristol Post reports that David Miller, defending Cogley, argued that his client would lose his job if he was banned from the road. “It was stupid. He was carried away because of the intoxicating effects of drum and bass music.”

When sentencing Cogley, Recorder Mr Kevin De Haan QC described drum and bass music as “intoxicating for some. Very irritating for others.” Speaking directly to the defendant, he added: “It’s always serious, dangerous driving. Even if you only went up to 40mph you were lucky that night. You could have had an accident and been hurt, or worse you could have hurt someone else. Police thought you had taken something.”

Cogley, who is now believed to be homeless, was sentenced to 80 hours of unpaid work, handed a 12-month driving-ban and ordered to retake his driving test. A £60 victim surcharge was also issued.