Grime MC NoLay regains consciousness following car crash

Her manager confirms she has opened her eyes for the first time since Sunday

British grime star NoLay has regained consciousness after being involved in a car crash.

As reported, NoLay was left unconscious and in a critical condition, by the accident earlier this week. It is believed that the accident happened on Sunday night and not in the UK.

Her manager, Tyler Jones, yesterday (April 27) clarified that his client has now regained consciousness for the first time following her accident but stressed that her condition remains serious.

“NoLay has opened her eyes for the first time today,” he told the Standard. “NoLay is in a minimal conscious state occasionally aware of her surroundings, but incapable of producing any reliable responses verbal or otherwise at present that rule out any signs of brain damage.”

“NoLay has a fractured pelvis, fractured vertebrae, fractured sternum and a nasal fracture. She also has suffered a lot of bruising and swelling subsequently from the accident.”

Tyler Jones also thanked fans and fellow musicians who have sent their good wishes to NoLay.

The south London MC – also known as Isabella Gotti – has been active for over a decade and featured on Tricky‘s 2014 album ‘Adrian Thaws’.

NoLay recently dropped the video for her track ‘Netflix And Pills’. Watch it below.