Ricky Gervais revives David Brent for YouTube guitar tutorials – watch

Comedy character makes return for new online series

Ricky Gervais has revived his The Office character David Brent for the first in a series of YouTube guitar tutorials.

Gervais originally played Brent for two series of The Office and a two-part Christmas special. He recently brought the character back for a Comic Relief sketch, having already revived him in 2011 for a cameo in the US version of his hit show. In the guitar tutorial, which you can see above, Gervais guides viewers through different guitar chords and also plays a new song about his day job as a sales rep titled ‘Life On The Road’.

The online series, titled Learn Guitar with David Brent, marks the first time comedy fans have had chance to see Brent in a long-running series since the original British version of The Office ended in 2003. David Brent was known for his love of playing the acoustic guitar, though not his musical talent, and his signature song ‘Free Love Freeway’ has become something of an anti-classic.

Meanwhile, Gervais’ latest TV show Derek has recently been renewed for a second series. The comedy-drama stars Gervais as Derek Noakes, a kind-hearted but socially awkward carer at an old people’s home. Many viewers have interpreted the character as displaying signs of autism, though Gervais – who also writes and directs the show – has insisted this was not his intention.