The Monochrome Set to headline East End Live festival

Band speak about how they influenced The Smiths in new interview

The Monochrome Set have been announced as headliners for the new East End Live festival.

The one-day event will take place in venues across London’s East End on July 13 as part of the East End Film Festival and is organised with the Independent Label Market – where the founders of some of the world’s best indie labels join together to pitch stalls and sell their records. Toy, Wet Nuns, Charles De Goal, Joseph Coward and Australia’s Scott & Charlene’s Wedding have already been confirmed for the day, which runs between 5pm and 5am.

Speaking in an interview, which you can watch below, The Monochrome Set’s Bid spoke about the influence they had on artists like Morrissey The Smiths: “I think too much can be made out of the idea of influence. Possibly he was influenced by the idea that I was writing interesting lyrics. And for Johnny Marr as well it’s that we were actually writing guitar pieces, not just thrashing away two rhythm guitarists. We actually had another guitar there and we thought, ‘Well there’s another instrument there, it’ll have to do something. It’s gonna have to play little lines and stuff like that’, which is what we did. And in that way influenced a lot of other bands in actually them writing guitar pieces.”

See East End Live for more information.