Glastonbury 2013 weather latest (June 26)

Worthy Farm will be to be generally dry with low risk of showers

This weekend’s Glastonbury Festival is set to be generally dry with a low risk of showers, a Met Office spokesperson has told NME.COM.

Revellers arriving at Worthy Farm today (June 26) will be greeted by a good deal of sunshine, but also some cloud, with conditions staying dry and temperatures reaching a peak of 19 degrees Celsius.

Tomorrow (June 27) will feel a touch fresher with a top temperature of 16C. Conditions will be generally cloudy, but there’s a chance of light rain showers in the afternoon and early evening.

From Friday (June 28) until Sunday (June 30), conditions are likely to stay dry and cloudy with just a 20 per cent risk of showers. The top temperature for each day will probably be around 18C but the afternoons could feel cooler because of breezes.

“All in all the conditions look favourable for a good festival experience,” the Met Office spokesperson told NME. Click here to see the full list of artists and stages for Glastonbury 2013.