V For Vendetta writer releases single in support of Occupy and Anonymous – listen

Alan Moore's track is released on Guy Fawkes' night in the UK

Alan Moore, author of Watchmen and V For Vendetta, has released a single in support of the Occupy movement and online hactivist group Anonymous – just in time for Guy Fawkes’ night.

Written and sung by Moore with music by Joe Brown, ‘The Decline of English Murder’ takes pot-shots at bankers and the state and is released for download today through Occupation Records, the record label born out of the Occupy movement. The track is the first single to be taken from Occupation Records’ upcoming second album – scroll down to listen to it.

Moore’s seminal comic work V For Vendetta, originally serialised between 1982 and 1989, tells the story of an anarchist named V and his mission to bring down a fascist British government. The masked protagonist has provided Anonymous and Occupy with their most potent symbol: the Guy Fawkes mask worn in camps and at protests worldwide.

Moore has visited the Occupy London Stock Exchange camp by St Paul’s in London, where he said of the Occupy movement: “A tidal wave cannot be said to have succeeded or failed. All that it can be said to have done is changed things… I would say to critics – what are you doing about the current situation. If you are happy with it, what the hell is wrong with you?”

To mark Guy Fawkes’ night in the UK, Anonymous are tonight (November 5) planning to march on The Houses Of Parliament in London in a recreation of the climactic final scene of V For Vendetta.

Around 5,000 people, many dressed as V, are expected to descend on Westminster at 8pm tonight as part of Anonymous’ Operation Vendetta. Attendees are requested to familiarise themselves with the Anonymous code of conduct.

Adam Jung, Artist Relations at Occupation Records, says: “While tomorrow Americans decide if a candidate who ran on “change” four years ago keeps his job, we know that change never comes from leaders but always from the people. Alan’s character ‘V’ understood that perhaps better than most and why we are honoured to be able to release it.”

As well as hosting the exclusive premiere of Moore’s track, NME has an extra-special competition with prizes that supporters of Occupy and Anonymous – or fans of V For Vendetta will not want to miss. Check NME.com tomorrow for details of how to enter.