Classical composer channels The Who by smashing cello and violin on stage

Johannes Kreidler makes punk rock statement over orchestra merge

A composer in Germany brought a dose of punk rebellion to the classical world last week, smashing a violin and a cello in protest at the merger between two local orchestras.

Johannes Kreidler took the opportunity to speak out against the forthcoming merge of the Southwest German Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, which was announced in June of this year, during a performance attended by the head of the SWR, Peter Boudgoust. The merge is being made to cut costs and Kreidler is among many in the German classical music world who is against the move.

During the incident, which you can see below, Kreidler tied a violin and a cello together before addressing the audience with a lengthy monologue about the merger and then, promptly channeling his inner Jimi Hendrix, destroyed the instruments. Like The Clash and The Who before him, Kreidler left the stage covered in debris from the destroyed instrument.


As Kreidler left the stage hundreds of flyers were thrown from the balcony which read: “Johannes Kreidler on behalf of the Society For New Music”.

Scroll down the page to see video footage of the incident.


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