Opera singer Sarah Brightman pays £30m in bid to become first person to perform in space

'Phantom Of The Opera' star will reportedly visit International Space Station in 2015

Sarah Brightman is aiming to become the first musician to sing in space and has paid £30m to achieve her dream.

The singer is to begin training on a Russian Soyuz capsule in the autumn ahead of a trip to the International Space Station in 2015, reports The Guardian.

Space Adventures – which offers trips into space for non-astronauts – confirmed the Phantom Of The Opera star’s involvement in the trip, and revealed that she will pay $52m (£30m) for a 10-day stay aboard the station.

“She’s absolutely 100 per cent committed,” chairman Tom Shelley said during a National Space Club Florida Committee meeting. He also confirmed that the singer plans to perform live when she arrives in outer space. “She’s putting together her mission plan now.”

Last year it was reported that Lady Gaga will sing one song from a Virgin Galactic ship in 2015 and her performance will then be beamed to the Zero G Colony festival in New Mexico. The three-day Zero G Colony event will take place at Spaceport America, with Gaga’s performance happening on the final day of the festival at dawn. It is not clear if this will happen before, or after, Brightman’s proposed journey.

Other high profile figures to travel into space include Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté and Charles Simonyi, architect of the Microsoft Office software, who has visited space twice.