Marc Bolan’s son sues music publisher over alleged T Rex copyright violation

Rolan Feld is taking Westminster Music Limited to court for £1.3 million

The son of T Rex frontman Marc Bolan is suing a music publisher, claiming they have violated copyright laws regarding his late father’s music.

Rolan Seymour Feld has filed a case against Westminster Music Limited, after stating he is the sole owner of his father’s back catalogue, claiming the publishers did not renew their one year contract with the singer, which was signed in 1968. Feld is suing for $2m (£1.3m), reports BBC News.

The case is being filed in Los Angeles and Feld’s court documents claim that the publishers falsely attempted to renew copyright on the music. The papers allege: “In an attempt to cover up their conduct and mislead the public as to the true owner and administrator of the United States copyright in and to each of the Compositions, Defendants falsely registered with the Copyright Office a claim to the renewed and extended term of copyright for each of the Compositions.”

The documents add that Feld “has been damaged in an amount that is not as yet fully ascertained but which Plaintiff believes exceeds $2,000,000”.

Marc Bolan died in 1977, a year after the birth of his son.