REM to release fan club singles as charity boxset?

The rarities include collaborations with Neil Young and Radiohead

R.E.M are apparently keen to put out their rare, fan club-only single releases as a charity boxset.

Though the band called it a day in 2011, their former guitarist Peter Buck has told BBC News that he would like to put out the band’s special releases eventually. REM produced a limited edition two-track single every year from 1988-2011. Only 6,000 of each were pressed, and they were given away to members of the band’s fan club.

Buck commented: “There were like 24 of them, which makes about 50 songs. We’ll put them in a big boxset for charity one day… I just liked the idea. I was never in the Beatles fan club but… I really liked the fact you would get a weird thing in the mail every year. So every year, REM put out a record. It was all material that had never been released anywhere else.” The releases included spoof Christmas songs, covers and collaborations.

Peter Buck last year released a self-titled solo album, of which only 6,000 copies were made. “I probably met everyone that bought the thing, but I like that. That’s the level I’m working on. It’s very non-professional.” He told the BBC that he had recently finished his second LP, which he will play live. “It’ll be out maybe before Christmas, maybe in the spring. It’ll be vinyl only – no interviews, no photos, no video. I’ll do shows, but just sporadically.”

Michael Stipe of R.E.M recently told NME that he was “thrilled” that Jay Z chose to include lyrics by his band on his latest album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’. Stipe discussed his relationship with Jay Z and his reaction to words from his song ‘Losing My Religion’ appearing on his new song ‘Heaven’.

“I’ve known Jay for a long time, he’s super cool, super grounded, super smart and super talented,” he said. “I’ve always had the deepest respect for him, and his music and choices. We’re thrilled (for our lyrics) to be included, it’s a really great honour.”