Five people die from suspected drug overdoses at music festival in Argentina

The deaths occured at Time Warp festival in Buenos Aires

The second night of a music festival in Argentina was cancelled after five people died from suspected drug overdoses – while five others were left in a critical condition.

Argentinian health officials say that two people in their 20s died after suffering suspected overdoses during the Time Warp festival in Buenos Aires on Friday.

Three others died in an ambulance or at a local hospital – while the others are reportedly in comas.

Dr Alberto Crescenti, director of medical emergencies in Buenos Aires, said that the outlook for the critically ill youths was “grave.”

The Guardian quotes him as saying: “They are all in very grave conditions, intubated. They are not breathing on their own.”

Crescenti added that doctors were waiting to conduct autopsies in order to “determine what mix of substances” were responsible for the deaths.

On Saturday (April 16), officials in Buenos Aires announced that they had closed the Cosa Salguero centre where the festival’s second night was due to be held.

In a statement confirming the festival’s cancellation, organisers expressed their deepest sympathies.

A statement read: “We express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the people who passed away. The cause of this tragedy will take some time to determine.”

Police had previously intercepted a bus carrying revellers to the festival-site and discovered large quantities of drugs – including 182 ecstasy pills, marijuana, poppers, cocaine and LSD.

Two people were arrested.