Lancaster theatre appeals for stolen papier-mâché Frank Sidebottom head

A prop to promote the film 'Frank' was taken from Duke's theatre and cinema

A theatre in Lancaster has appealed for the return of a papier-mâché Frank Sidebottom head, after it was stolen from the venue this week.

Police are appealing for information of the whereabouts of the head, after it was taken from Duke’s theatre and cinema on Moor Lane, Lancaster on July 21.

A spokesperson for the Duke’s Theatre told Lancaster Guardian: “Please give this back as it is a much cherished Frank Sidebottom sculptured head that we have used to promote the film Frank.”

“It was made specifically for our showing of the film and for the talk by screenwriter Jon Ronson.”

The film Frank, which was released on May 2, stars Michael Fassbender and is loosely based on the life and experiences of the musician Chris Sievey – aka Frank Sidebottom – who became well-known for wearing an oversized papier-mâché head whenever he appeared in public.

The film, which is directed by Lenny Abrahamson and stars The Dark Knight actress Maggie Gyllenhaal and Domnhall Gleeson, draws upon the experiences of journalist Jon Ronson for its plot. Ronson had a brief stint playing keyboards in Sidebottom’s band in the late ’80s.

Musician and comedian Sievey specialised in surreal humour influenced by the northern cabaret circuit, and he would often perform songs on an organ. Although family-friendly, his jokes and his songs earned him cult status.

The Sidebottom act achieved its height in the ’80s, becoming closely associated with the Madchester scene, as he frequently appeared on television with the late Tony Wilson. Sievey was diagnosed with cancer in May 2010 and died a month later, aged 54.

Anyone with information about Duke’s missing Frank Sidebottom head can contact police on 101 quoting crime reference BA1406463.