Police raid 93 Feet East and other London venues

Brick Lane music venue has now reopened for business

The Metropolitan Police raided 2,487 venues in London this weekend in an attempt to crack down on crimes related to licensing laws.

According to BBC News, the biggest raid was at 93 Feet East, on Brick Lane, on Friday evening (December 7). You can watch footage of it ocurring below.

In total, the raids resulted in 173 arrests and 44 warrants executed as part of Operation Condor.


The raid at 93 Feet East in Brick Lane, was one of largest individual operations and involved 175 officers. It was the result of intelligence suggesting that Class A drug dealers were operating there.

According to reports, the raid resulted in a total of 10 arrests, two of which were people arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of drugs. Five more were arrested on suspicion of possessing Class A drugs, one on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant, one for being drunk and disorderly, and one for being the owner/occupier of premises being concerned in the supply of drugs.

The club was closed by police as a result of evidence recovered during the operation. However, it was reopened as normal on Saturday night. The venue posted the following statement on their Facebook page: “I ASSURE YOU, WE’RE OPEN…93 FEET EAST OPEN AS USUAL TONIGHT!”

Met Police Commander Mak Chishty, who led the operation told the BBC: “Yet again we have seen Operation Condor bring in excellent results from our concerted efforts involving thousands of officers being deployed all over London over the past two days.”

He added: “Licensing impacts upon everyday community life – in our shops and supermarkets this means people do not sell knives, harmful substances or alcohol to young people; in our pubs and clubs it means that alcohol is sold and consumed in a responsible way, on our roads it means that vehicles, such as taxis are properly licensed and safe.”

93 Feet East were contacted for further comment, but have not yet responded.