US independent record store Amoeba digitises rare vinyl collection

The cult record store is putting a host of LPs online for digital download

California based independent record retailer Amoeba has begun digitising its stock of rare vinyl albums and selling them as downloads.

Variety reports that Amoeba’s collection of albums available online in the Vinyl Vaults section is currently 1,000 or so strong, but that the store is adding 10-15 new records every day.

Amoeba co-owner Jim Henderson says: “We’ve been digitising a lot. What you see now is the lost-between-the-cracks, underappreciated, undervalued [music] from dead labels, [obscure] artists, stuff that we really stand behind. It’s mostly in the rock genre, with a lot of jazz, a lot of blues, some country, some spoken word. There are some oddities for sure.”

Co-owner Marc Weinstein explains that the tracks have undergone ‘extensive’ sonic cleaning and remastering, especially the 78rpm records. He says: “There’s percussion and stuff that you wouldn’t be able to hear on a 78. We have one particular engineer who really figured out how to deal with the inconsistencies, static, to really root out all the sound without losing it.”

Amoeba has physical record stores in Hollywood, San Francisco and Berkeley. For more information, visit