QOTSA and Paramore ‘may take it in turns to go on last’ at Reading & Leeds Festivals

Festivals organiser Melvin Benn tells NME he is "working out the details" of bands' joint headline slots

Reading & Leeds Festivals organiser Melvin Benn has told NME that joint headliners Queens Of The Stone Age and Paramore may take it turns to go on last when they play the event.

Earlier this evening (March 10), the two bands were named as co-headliners alongside previously-announced headliners Arctic Monkeys and Blink-182 for the August 22-24 festivals.

“When I told them we have two sites and they could essentially swap who goes on last each date, they loved the idea,” Benn told NME. “We’re just working out the minor details now.”

Benn admitted he hadn’t thought the bands would agree to share the headline slot. “Both bands wanted to do it, but we didn’t know what to do,” he said. “So, almost tongue in cheek, I said, Why don’t you both headline? I expected to get a response back from both camps that was basically two fingers up at me, but they were both into the idea.”

Paramore are the festival’s first female-fronted headliners since Garbage in 1998, but Benn denied that criticism over the lack of female performers on last year’s bill influenced his decision to make the trio top the bill. “For me, popular music is not gender directed,” said Benn. “It doesn’t enter my thinking when I’m working out who should perform at Reading And Leeds.”