Radio 1 music boss: ‘Appetite for guitar bands is slowly starting to return’

George Ergatoudis debates future of guitar bands at radio panel event

The head of music at BBC Radio 1 has said that he believes the British public’s appetite for guitar music is returning.

George Ergatoudis made the comment while speaking on a panel at the Radio Academy Playlists: What Makes a Hit in 2014? event in London last night (February 17).

A tweet by the Radio Academy showed the Radio 1 executive share his belief that 2015 will be a big year for guitar bands. James Curran, head of music for the Absolute Radio group, then claimed that new guitar bands have not been good enough in recent years.


Elsewhere at the Radio Academy Playlists event, Ergatoudis claimed that the UK charts will soon incorporate data from streaming services. Following speculation about his comments, Ergatroudis took to Twitter to clarify that data would come from a range of streaming services.

Asked to clarify their position in light of Ergatroudis’ comments, the Official Charts Company issued the following statement. “We’ve always said we are monitoring the rise of streaming as a form of consumption, but nothing has changed. Streaming is growing fast, so we are looking at it, but we are currently going through the “how”, before we work out the “when”.”


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