Small venues will no longer need a licence for live music

The Live Music Act could see an extra 13,000 venues across the UK putting on gigs

Venues with a capacity of less than 200 people will no longer need a licence in order to stage live music events.

The new Live Music Act has been put in place in order to give small businesses and venues room to grow, reports BBC News.

UK Music estimates that this could see an extra 13,000 venues across the UK starting to host their own live music nights. Under the new bill, live unamplified music can also now be played in any location. The only restriction on the music is that it must only be played between the hours of 8am and 11pm.

The new act stemmed from a private member’s bill which was introduced by Liberal Democrat MP Don Foster, as a measure to remove some of the restrictions put in place on live music by the 2003 Licensing Act.

Of the act, Business Minister Michael Fallon said: “From today businesses are freed from the red tape that holds them back.” He added that the new laws will help cut down on the “over-the-top bureaucracy that stifles community groups and pubs”.

Not everyone is happy about the new act, however. A representative from the Noise Abatement Society said there will be a “dramatic rise” in complaints over noise. Lisa Lavia added that the new act could also “set residents at odds with local businesses”.