Man pleads not-guilty to murder after shooting teenager to death for playing loud music

Florida man says he opened fire on car full of unarmed teenagers in self-defence

A man in Florida has pleaded not-guilty to murder for opening fire on a car full of teenagers after asking them to turn their music down.

Gun collector Michael David Dunn, 45, is accused of shooting to death 17-year-old Jordan Davis in the incident outside a petrol station in Jacksonville, Florida, in the US, NBC News reports.

Dunn and his girlfriend were reportedly driving through Jacksonville for their son’s wedding when they pulled up next to the car of teenagers. While Dunn’s girlfriend was in the shop, Dunn asked Davis and his three friends to turn down their music. After an exchange of words, Police claim Dunn then pulled out a handgun and began shooting. Davis, who was sat in the back seat was reportedly shot twice.

“It was loud,” Jacksonville homicide Lt. Rob Schoonover said of the music. “They admitted that. That’s not a reason for someone to open fire‚ĶNobody else in that vehicle was struck; it was just our victim [Davis], which was lucky because the vehicle was shot eight or nine times.”

After the incident Dunn and his girlfriend drove off and spent the night in their hotel, but witnesses took down his license plate number. He was arrested on Saturday.

Dunn claims he acted in self-defence after feeling threatened by the teenagers: “His side of the story is he felt threatened and that is the reason he took action,” Schoonover.

The trial continues.