Tabloid fixture Tara Palmer–Tomkinson unveils debut single ‘5 Seconds’ – listen

The reality star says her new ballad 'sounds quite like Dido'

Tabloid fixture and celebrity socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has unveiled her debut single ‘5 Seconds’. Click above to listen to it.

T-P-T, as she is sometimes known, has already released two novels and filmed a series of high profile reality TV shows, including ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, A Place In The Sun and Blind Date.

The single, which is a ballad, featuring some corking lyrics, including the couplet: “This heart will self-destruct in five seconds. This girl will fall apart one more time. This heart is heading is for the firing line.”

Palmer-Tomkinson has previously said that her forthcoming album “sounds like Dido” and acts as “an autobiography”.

She said back in 2008 of her planned debut album: “I sing and play [piano] and it’s all me in there. I couldn’t write an autobiography. This album is my autobiography. I’m proud of it. It sounds quite like Dido.”

Palmer-Tomkinson will be hoping to fare better than fellow reality star Alex Reid, whose attempt at pop stardom ‘Stardust’ received such a negative reaction that it was removed from the internet almost instantly. It drew over 125 dislikes in just over 10 minutes on YouTube and producers decided to take it down.