Reality TV star Alex Reid releases bizarre video for debut single – watch

The budget offering for 'Stardust' features tipsy dance routines and a half empty disco

The video for Celebrity Big Brother winner Alex Reid‘s debut single has been unveiled. Scroll down to watch the bizarre four-minute long promo.

Billed as being by Shelter feat. Alex Reid, the low budget video for the Euro-trance flavoured song ‘Stardust’ sees Jordan’s former paramour propped up against a bar in a club while breakdancers perform for a seemingly tipsy crowd. Alex then takes to the mic in the middle of the half-empty disco before taking part in a strange synchronised dance routine.

In May, the auto-tuned track received such a negative reaction that it was removed from the internet almost instantly. It drew over 125 dislikes in just over 10 minutes on You Tube and producers decided to take it down.

This time around, the comments on the YouTube page are surprisingly positive, perhaps because the uploader has chosen to approve them before they are posted. One fan, nick3486, has said of the track: “Love the song, wish more money had been spent on the video, hope its released on vinyl.” Another compared the track to Basshunter.