Fake record store sting in North London sees 34 jailed for 400 years

Evidence gained at the shop lead to the seizure of guns, drugs, money, knives and swords

A fake hip-hop record shop in Edmonton, London, has been part of a sting operation, leading to 37 arrests and the jailing of 34 people for more than 400 years.

Named Boombox, the store was integral to the £500,000 Operation Peyzac. The year long operation saw local criminals encouraged to use the shop’s back room, where hidden cameras caught them selling guns, drugs and stolen goods to undercover police officers.

A fully stocked and fully functional record store, Boombox was opened by police following five murders in the area in 2008.

The information and evidence gathered at shop lead to raids in April at over 35 London addresses, uncovering guns, drugs, swords, knives, cash, a stun-gun and a gun conversion factory at a residential address in Haringey, reports North London Today.

The defendants were aged between 16 and 41, and were convicted over the past few weeks at Wood Green Crown Court. 30 of the convicted were gang members.