Jazz FM broadcasts ‘inappropriate’ gay porn

The digital radio station has since offered an apology to listeners

UK radio station Jazz FM has had to apologise after accidentally broadcasting what seemed to be a spoken soundtrack to a gay porn film, complete with ‘moans and groans’.

The incident happened during the Saturday night show Funky Sensation, during which several minutes of a ‘mostly wordless’, but still obviously risque interlude was played in the background of the music being aired as well as during adverts, reports The Guardian.

The Funky Sensation show, with Mike Vitti, is pre-recorded and features a funk, soul and jazz playlist. Vitti has posted a full apology on the Jazz FM website, which reads:

“Unfortunately we had an unauthorised access to the live feed on Jazz FM on Saturday 18th February at 7:15pm which resulted in a highly regrettable incident. Please accept our profound and sincere apologies for any offence that may have been caused and rest assured we have taken steps to ensure that there will be no repeat of this incident.”