Richard Gere’s guitar collection fetches nearly $1 million at auction

Actor donates over 100 classic instruments for charity sale

Richard Gere has auction off his collection of classic guitars for nearly $1 million.

The Pretty Woman actor donated over 100 instruments to the charity sale at Christie‘s in New York and raised $936, 438 (£595,000), reports BBC News.

Gere, who had been building up his collection for over 40 years, said he had found it “painful” to say goodbye to his “true friends”.

Out of the 106 instruments he gave to the auction house, only four failed to sell, with the most successful lot being his 1960 Gibson Les Paul which was snapped up for $98, 500 (£63,000), while a 1931 CF Martin model fetched $62,500 (£40,000).

The actor, who donated guitars once owned by Bob Marley and the Wailers’ Peter Tosh and blues musician Albert King, claimed that he had never intended to assemble such a lavish collection. “I just bought the ones that I liked, the ones that sounded good and played well,” he said. “Some are very special.”

Earlier today, it was reported that guitar manufactures Gibson were facing a criminal investigation following allegations that they are killing rainforests in the production of its instruments.

Click below to see a video of Richard Gere auctioning his guitar collection. UK – Richard Gere auctions guitar collection on MUZU.TV