Pitbull to release ‘Men In Black III’ theme ‘Back In Time’

'International Love' singer will take over from Will Smith in penning the franchise's next theme

Pitbull has recorded the theme for Men In Black III, which will be released into UK cinemas in May.

The singer, who recently scored a massive hit with ‘Give Me Everything’, has recorded a new track called ‘Back In Time’, which will be the official theme to the alien comedy’s third outing.

Pitbull has bizarrely described the track as “fun, yet modern” and has also revealed that he “used the slogan of the movie and flipped it back into the song that ‘in order to understand the future, you have to go back in time’.” It will be released as a single on May 6.

This is the first time that Will Smith has not recorded the Men In Black theme himself. He put out a track titled ‘Men In Black’ for the film’s first outing in 1997 and followed it up with ‘Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head)’ for the sequel in 2002.

Men In Black III will be released into cinemas on May 25 in the UK. It stars a returning Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and newcomers Alice Eve, Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson and Flight Of The Conchords man Jemaine Clement.

You can watch the trailer for Men In Black III by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking.