Sony admit that releasing singles as soon as they hit radio ‘isn’t working’

Major label hint that they will move away from the 'On Air On Sale' strategy

Sony Music have admitted that their strategy of releasing singles as soon as they hit the radio has not been successful.

Earlier this year, both Sony and Universal Music announced plans to introduce the ‘On Air On Sale’ policy in the hope of combating piracy and satisfying consumer appetites by making singles available to buy on the same day as they’re played on the radio for the first time.

But according to the BBC, Sony have issued a statement today claiming that the revamped release approach “does not work” and that they will “now be looking at each release on a case-by-case basis”.

Universal, meanwhile, claimed that although they would still put out some releases using the ‘On Air On Sale’ strategy, it had always been their policy to make a decision for each record “depending on what’s best for our individual artists”.

Chief Executive of the Music Mangers Forum Jon Webster said that it was “very sad” that the scheme was now “pretty much dead”, and claimed that the strategy was doomed to failure when it was not made compulsory for all record companies to comply with it.

“To deny them [consumers] the opportunity of buying something when they’ve heard it is to deny them an entry point to the market,” he said. “It was doomed from the time it was voluntary and not compulsory.”

“It needs to be everyone, and if it’s not everyone, it’s not going to work.”

Earlier this week (October 10), Noel Gallagher told NME that the charts were “insane” and that he didn’t understand why downloads were released at different times to physical editions of singles. You can see the interview below.