Tennis star Serena Williams unveils her first single – listen

'Ball hard no tennis racket, I can't see these haters through my Gucci glasses' raps Wimbledon champion

On the tennis court, Serena Williams has won almost every trophy in sight, but now she’s got her eyes on a different prize: hip-hop stardom.

Earlier today (May 11), US gossip site TMZ unveiled a one-minute long clip of the athlete’s rap debut, which you can hear below.

The track, which is untitled, sees Williams making no attempt to distance herself from her tennis career. Among the choice couplets, she raps: “I ball hard no tennis racket, I can’t see these haters through my Gucci glasses. I make hits like bat in practice, baby like Serena is you really rapping?”

She then follows this up with the inspired line of: “I cook the track up like a frozen pizza, beats so crazy it might blow your speakers”.

According to the report this isn’t the last you’ll hear of Serena’s rap career, as she recorded a number of songs in Florida last year at the B Major Music Group studio.

It seems 12 Grand Slam titles just wasn’t enough…