Users of club drug ‘Roflcoptr’ warned about unknown long term effects

Doctors say no research on mket's effect has been done

Users of a new legal high known as ‘Roflcoptr’ or ‘mket’ are being warned about possible unknown longterm dangers of the ketamine-like substance.

A report in the current issue of Mixmag say users of the drug, which comes in white powder form, claim the drug gives them “feelings of warmth and enlightenment” and adding that there’s a “hallucinatory” element to the drug, which users purchase legally online as a research chemical – it cannot be sold explicitly for human consumption.

However, the article quotes Dr Valerie Curran, a psychopharmacolgist at University College London, who says: “People are playing Russian roulette when they take something like this, because there’s been no research on its effects.”

The Mixmag piece also talks to users of the drug, one of whom, ‘Jeremy’, recalls watching a snow-filled Kate Bush video. He says: “I was in the video, actually inside the frame. I forgot where I was, what I was listening to, everything. I was that snowman, and I’m not usually prone to hallucinations. I don’t even like Kate Bush.”

Another Roflcoptr user states:

We were on it at Glastonbury. When a mate shat himself, rather than take the piss out of him, we were just really understanding.

Dr Adam Winstock also warns users in the piece of increased vulnerability and safety issues, explaining that people on the drug “aren’t too preoccupied with the world around them and they go off into the world within them.”

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