REM’s Peter Buck working on solo album?

Buck rumoured to sing on debut solo record

R.E.M guitarist Peter Buck is currently working on his debut solo album, according to his friend Scott McCaughey.

McCaughey, Buck’s Minus 5 band mate and frequent REM collaborator, revealed that his longtime friend was planning on releasing a solo album during an interview for a Seattle radio station.

He told Kiro Fm that he was in the city to work on the album with Buck.

On the sound of the record, McCaughey said that the material would be “pretty out”.

He also suggested that Buck could sing on the album – something he never tried out with REM – but did not expect him to flex his vocal chords during live performances.

It is currently unclear when the album is likely to be released but McCaughey said the REM guitarist is considering putting it out on vinyl only, shunning any idea of releasing it as a download.

This will be the first album made by a member of REM since the group disbanded last year. Singer Michael Stipe is unlikely to record new music, according to bassist Michael Mills, who has yet to announce his own intentions.