Katrina And The Waves issue legal threat to Republican congresswoman

Band have not taken kindly to Michele Bachmann using their 1985 hit 'Walking On Sunshine'

Katrina And The Waves have become the second act in recent days to threaten legal action against Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann, after she played their 1985 hit single ‘Walking On Sunshine’ during a rally in South Carolina.

The band have posted a statement on their official website Katrinasweb.com which reads: “Katrina And The Waves would like it to be known that they do not endorse the use of ’Walking On Sunshine’ by Michele Bachmann and have instructed their lawyers accordingly.”

According to Rolling Stone, the band’s singer Katrina Leskanich has also said: “As the singer of ‘Walking On Sunshine’ I don’t endorse its use by Michele Bachmann‘s presidential campaign. The song is used in commercials and movies as a vehicle for a feel good moment or empowerment but if I disagree with the policies, opinions or platforms for its use, I’ve no choice but to try and defend the song and prevent its misuse. Music can be both powerful and moving and sometimes even a little dangerous.”

This is the second time Bachmann has been threatened with legal action over her choice of songs in recent days. Tom Petty has issued a cease and desist order after the congresswoman played his single ‘American Girl’ at a recent rally.

Bachmann, who represents Minnesota in Congress, is currently campaigning for the Republication nomination to run for president in 2012.