EMI set to sue the Irish government

Record label is unhappy with the Irish state's efforts to combat piracy

EMI has launched a lawsuit against the Irish government over its handling of anti-piracy laws.

The record label, which includes the likes of Coldplay, 30 Seconds To Mars and Tinie Tempah on its roster, has launched legal action accusing the country’s government of dragging its feet in introducing new laws to combat illegal file sharing.

The Irish government did recently pledge to look into introducing laws that would allow record labels to compel internet service providers to block access to websites that they believe are engaged in piracy, but EMI appears to have decided that this is not happening fast enough.

According to the Irish Times, EMI Ireland’s chief executive Willie Kavanagh has said that record labels should have the right to demand internet service providers investigate websites they believe are involved in piracy. He also said that the label doubted that the Irish government had the will to take on illegal file sharers and said that any planned new laws would be “unlikely to satisfy the music industry’s requirement for injunctive relief”.

EMI Ireland saw its profits for 2011 halve from their figures in 2010, a drop the label has said has been largely caused by the rise of illegal file sharing.